As a delegate of the Functional Nutrition Course held in London on the 3rd-5th October 2014, you have unlimited free access to the recordings of the lectures and the slides. Please do not share this resource. They may be down loaded to your relevant MP3/4 player or your computer. We thank you for your commitment to functional medicine and the essential role played through the application of targeted nutrition and look forward to seeing you at other functional nutrition events.

Functional Nutrition Head to Toe: Comprehensive and Innovative Approaches to Nutritional Assessment responds to the need to re-establish the fading art of physical examination and to strengthen physician nutrition knowledge. Learn about nutrition-related findings through the nutrition-oriented physical exam and laboratory assessments. You will be taught examination skills, how to create a nutrition physical exam kit, and how to begin to interpret nutrition-related laboratory results from conventional tests and functional assessments. You will be taught through the functional medicine lens, focusing on the ABCDs of nutrition assessment:

  • A = anthropometrics and body composition
  • B = biomarkers, laboratory and functional tests
  • C = clinical indicators uncovered during physical exam
  • D = the Dietary, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Journal

Presentation Slides Systemic Complications of Gluten Sensitivity – Enteropathy to Dementia The Conundrum of Gluten Sensitivity Arresting and Reversing the Systemic Complications Audio recordings Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Questions and Answers (Please note: questions taken from the floor may not be heard on the audio) To download a file onto your

Seminar Materials

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We felt it was important to protect our resources so that they could be viewed only by people who are authorised to do so. You can purchase the access to resources by ordering a seminar pack. To order please call 08450 760 402 If you have already purchased or attended a seminar, to obtain your

Presentation Slides Healthy Aging – Youthful Looks Additional Slides Supplement Information Supplement Suggestions Supplement Suggestions with product descriptions Arthred (ARG) SynovoDerma (ARG) Bio Cyanidins (BRC) ProMulti Plus (BRC) Presentation Audio (MP3) Part One (35mb) Part Two (36mb) Other Files Resistance Exercise Suggestions

An introduction into the benefits of Social Media for practitioners presented by Nutri-Link Ltd.

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(2010) Antony Haynes: Sports Nutrition

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Presentation Slides Sports Nutrition – Functional Medicine Perspective Sports Nutrition Assessment Seminar Audio (MP3) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Questionnaires NPQ NAQ Adrenal Fatigue BioToxicity Symptoms In-Clinic Test Information Morning Pulse Test Mineral Test Record Sheet Ragland Test Sheet Supplement Information Sports Nutrition Supplements Endurance Protocols Exercise Maintenance Programme & Musculo-Skeletal System Support Weight

Presentation Slides Female Hormone Health Handouts The Relationship Between Androgens & Glucose Metabolism Menstrual Symptom Questionnaire Most Effective Supplements Case Histories Female Hormone Case History 1 (PDF) Female Hormone Case History Slides (Powerpoint 2007>) Female Hormone Case History 2 (PDF) Female Hormone Case History 2 (Powerpoint 2007>) Product Information Products Reviewed Seminar Audio Part One

Slides Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Presentation with Audio Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Audio Only (MP3) Part 1 (39.4mb) Part 2 (36.4mb) Part 3 (26.8mb) Part 4 (28.8mb) Questions and Answers Session (16mb) Products Nutritional Supplements – For the Support of Brain Health and Neurotransmitters Summary Symptoms &

Slides – Full Sets 1 – Nutri-Link – Drugs That Don’t Work –  Slides 23.1.10 1a – Nutri-Link – Drugs That Don’t Work –  Slides not shown on day 23.1.10 2 – Nutri-Link – Thyroid Therapy 23.1.10 3 – Nutri-Link – Iodine: Why You Can’t Live Without it Pt 1 Slides 23.1.10 4 – Nutri-Link