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Latest Abstract

Perilla Extract (Benegut®) Improves IBS symptoms

A study published in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal identifies a number of benefits and improved function, achieved in people with IBS ( a functional loss of tolerance in the GI Tract) when consuming a 300mg daily dose of Perilla Extract.[1]

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Latest Review

Ebola – Should We Be Worried?

At the end of July 2014, there has been a steady awareness of a rare and mostly geographically contained disease breaking cover from the far flung lands of West Africa and due to air travel making a noise in the western world.

As most nutritional therapists are engaged in non-contagious disease care, it is tempting to think that infectious diseases are diminishing risk and occurrence. However, there are periodic outbreaks that naturally raise tensions and all the more so when there is no known treatment and a death rate of approximately 70% depending on the genetic strain involved. Ebola-Zaire, now raging in West Africa, is just the most common of five Ebola species.

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Latest Audio

The Science of H1N1

June 5, 2009 – Science & the CityPodcasts

Top researchers offer an in-depth look at the science behind the global influenza outbreak, plus some of the work being done to keep us healthy.

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Latest Video

Social Media for Practitioners

An introduction into the benefits of Social Media for practitioners presented by Nutri-Link Ltd.

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