Nutri-Link organises and holds a small number of international seminars at the Royal Society of Medicine each year. Nutri-Link sources outstanding speakers from the world of nutritional medicine to present either established or brand new interventional strategies using nutrition as a key lifestyle modifier to optimise health. In addition Nutri-Link organises a number of national seminars each year.

Future Seminars:

Date Speaker Topic
2015 Check Back Soon! Details for our 2015 seminars are coming soon!

Recent Seminars:

Date Speaker Topic
20/11/14 Antony Haynes The Guts Of The Matter
3-5/10/14 Elizabeth Boham, Kristi Hughes, Michael Ash, P. Michael Stone, Functional Nutrition Head to Toe
18/09/14 Antony Haynes AutoImmunity III
05/04/14 Michael Ash & Antony Haynes Profitable Practice Seminar 2014
29/03/14 Michael Ash & Antony Haynes Clinical Trinity 2

Previous Seminars:

Date Speaker Topic
20/11/13 Antony Haynes Auto Immunity 2
12/10/13 Michael Ash & Antony Haynes The ‘Clinical Trinity’ Workshop
23/03/13 David Quig, Michael Ash and Antony Haynes Gastro Intestinal Functionality and Health Workshop
16/03/13 Michael Ash & Antony Haynes Profitable Practice
08/11/12 Antony Haynes A Functional Medicine Approach to Auto-Immune Conditions (Manchester)
06/11/12 Antony Haynes A Functional Medicine Approach to Auto-Immune Conditions (London)
06/10/12 Prof Garth Nicolson & Dr Rita Ellithorpe Prof Garth Nicolson & Dr Rita Ellithorpe – International Seminar
23/11/11 Antony Haynes Abundant Energy (Manchester)
22/11/11 Antony Haynes Abundant Energy (London)
10/03/12 Dr Tom O’Bryan Nutrigenomic Therapies for Autoimmune Disease
05/03/11 Dr Tom O’Bryan Gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease
12/01/12 Michael Ash & Antony Haynes Profitable Practice
08/12/10 Antony Haynes Healthy Aging
16/10/10 Dr James Wilson MD, PhD Recovering from Adverse Stress & Fatigue
25/05/10 Antony Haynes Sports Nutrition – A Functional Medicine Approach
14/05/10 Michael Ash A Nutritional Therapy Approach to CVD
27/04/10 Antony Haynes Female Hormone Health
10/04/10 Dr Jay Lombard A Functional Medicine Approach To Mental Health
16/04/10 Professor Martin Pall Ph.D Nutritional Updates on Complex Diseases
09/02/10 Antony Haynes Effective Weight Loss
23/01/10 Dr David Brownstein Thyroid Health and Iodine Therapy
22/09/09 Michael Ash BSc DO ND Dip ION Probiotics – Sorting the ‘Wheat from the Chaff’
18/04/09 Dr Nick Gonzalez Enzyme Therapy of Cancer
27/09/08 Dr Patricia Kane Ph.D Detoxification and Essential Fatty Acids
21/06/08 Dr Mark Houston MD MSc SCH ABAAM FACP FAHA Sirtuins, Cardiovascular Health & Anti-Aging
06/10/07 Dr James Wilson D.C. Ph.D & Michael Ash BSc DO ND Dip ION Adrenal Health
12/05/07 Professor Martin Pall Ph.D & Michael Ash BSc DO ND Dip ION Explaining Unexplained Illnesses


Registration can be undertaken by calling 08450 760 402.

Unable to Attend?

You can purchase any seminar from us and listen to it at your own leisure. The seminar pack includes audio files and related documents. Please call 08450 760 402 to order or learn more about purchasing our seminars.


Held at the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine in the heart of London’s renowned medical district, using the latest educational environment to ensure participant’s comfort and interaction with the speaker. For further information including directions please visit the Royal Society of Medicine Website

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