workshopNutri-Link practitioner workshops provide an ideal environment in which to learn about how and why to use Allergy Research, Biotics Research and other Nutri-Link products with your patients. New information is ‘guaranteed’ at these events, yet they also remain sociable and entertaining. Practitioners regularly report they have been inspired and motivated by the dynamic delivery and shared experiences from our experienced workshop leaders. We wholeheartedly recommend you plan to attend one in the near future. Do check out the dates and locations below.


These events have a primary focus on a selected subject. In addition there are case histories, practitioner to presenter interaction and a chance to exchange your experiences and information in a supportive environment.

A small booking fee of £10 secures your place, and subject to your attendance will be transferred back to you as a credit balance to your Nutri-Link account.

Held at private venues these seminars are fantastically popular and of immense value for practitioners both new and experienced. If you would like to attend or host one of these workshops please contact NL Education Team on 08450 760 402 or email


Previous Dates

Previous dates of our Workshops:

Date Location Topic Speaker
 Friday 4th October 2013  East Molesey  Top Products in 25 Years of Practice  Antony Haynes
 Friday 22nd November 2013  East Molesey  Top Products in 25 Years of Practice  Antony Haynes
 Friday 24th January 2014  East Molesey  Top Products in 25 years of practice  Antony Haynes
 Friday 31st January 2014  East Molesey  Special Products for Specific Conditions  Antony Haynes
 Friday 7th February 2014  East Molesey  Thyroid and Adrenal Imbalances  Antony Haynes

Would you like to attend or host a seminar in your area?

Please use the  Workshop Booking Form or contact the NLEducation Team on: 08450 760 402

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Registration is easy, just call 08450 760 402 to register your wish to attend or host one of the Nutri-Link workshops. Attendees will pay a fee of £10 to secure their place. If you are unable to attend but provide at least 24 hours notice of this we will refund in full the £10.

Attendees of the seminar will have their £10 reservation fee placed against their Nutri-Link account as a credit for use against future purchases.


Nutri-Link favours small groups held at individual practitioners’ private homes. This allows a relaxed networking environment with an open and detailed exchange of technical information.

Larger groups are accommodated in suitable local venues. Please call Claire Gardin to discuss a suitable venue if you are willing to organise or host such an event. Claire will give every assistance to the hosts to ensure a successful day.


I would like thank Nutri-Link for a very relaxed and informative day in which I learned better how to use Allergy and Biotics Research products, as well as more about a variety of common conditions. The informal setting helped me to pick up the information better than in a lecture format and I was able to ask questions as they cropped up. I hope that there will be many more.

S.B., Nutritional Therapist

I found your workshop inspiring, and after 20 years as a naturopath that is saying something.

M.T., Naturopath

Nutri-Link workshops are always motivating, informative and fun, making you realise how much there is to find out and leaving you with a thirst for learning and renewed enthusiasm.

F.M., Nutritional Therapist

The Nutri-Link workshops are a very useful resource to me in my clinical work. Useful information about products, ‘protocols’ and underlying issues to be aware of are shared in an open and helpful atmosphere. I can highly recommend them.

E.P., Nutritional Therapist

Your workshops are a joy to attend: 1) Helping to familiarise with Allergy Research and Biotics Research products in relation to where they might be helpful, 2) To exchange information about recent research and protocols which have been proven successful with other nutritional therapists, 3) To increase my knowledge on the topic which you have chosen to base the workshop on. I always come away wondering if I knew anything to start with, but feel totally inspired to continue.

V.S., Nutritional Therapist

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